Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Anabelle's Surgery

On Sunday, Feb. 27th, 2011, Anabelle had her first surgery to remove fluid from her abdomen bc it was so much pressure that it was pushing her lungs up (they are already chronic with BPD) and her kidneys started to shut down.  She made it through the surgery fine, and you can see the tube sticking out of her abdomen there where all the fluid was drained.  That was only the fluid building up just in her tummy, the other had to be peed off, which they were really worried about bc for 36 hours she would not urinate.  They switched a lot of her meds and tried some other things after the surgery to help her urinate, and finally she did!!!  What a relief, bc the resident doctor told us "she may not make it through the day".  Her father and I were pretty devistated to hear that, but we still had hope.  So here's a picture of her 4 days after the surgery, which she still is swollen, but looks awesome to what she did.  Today is actually her 2 mth birthday, so she made it this far!  I know we have a long road ahead of us, but my baby keeps amazing us all the time being the fighter that she is :)


  1. They are still not clear on what the actual cause was, but they think it was related to inflammation in her stomach due to collitis. None of the tests came back positive, but they treated it as an infection so they could cover all aspects of bacteria/fungus etc... She is on 7 different medications. If you can think of any more questions, let me know! I may have left some stuff out bc life has been kinda running together at a fast pace lately. Thanks for you patience, we have been at the hospital and it's hard to do anything.

  2. Do they think her infection may be related to the Chorioamnionitis?

  3. No, she was tested for all of that at birth and they seemed pretty positive she got out in time before it reached her bloodstream.